The Exuma Island Trip – Final Summary Post

Good morning Blog Followers,

It’s been about 6 days since we last communicated with you.
Our 1 month adventure in the Exuma Islands is nearing it’s end.

For the last 6 days, we have been retracing our steps back from Staniel Cay Exuma to Fort Lauderdale.

You may ask – why Fort Lauderdale, you left from Key Largo ?
The answer is – after we depart from The Luck’s tomorrow, they will actually be heading back to the Mahi Mahi’s home port of Little River South Carolina.

Jerry & Deena keep the Mahi Mahi in SC during the summer & pick her up every Nov/Dec to enjoy as their winter cottage in Marathon Key Florida.

It made a lot more sense to come back to the USA further north by boat, and go back to Key Largo to get my truck. So Jerry & I rented a car for the day, drove to Key Largo, and got my truck.

So back to our last 5 days.
We retraced our steps, coming back from The Staniel Cay Yacht Club, to the Palm Cay Marina at Nassau, to the Chub Cay Marina & Resort, the Big Game Marina in Bimini Bahamas, and finally The Hilton Marina in Fort Lauderdale.

There were more beautiful photos taken on the rides home, but nothing you haven’t already seen in the previous posts.
So I decided to use this posting, as I did after our Great Loop Trip – as a Recap or Summary of our 1 month Adventure.

Note = I have had some folks tell me that they did not see any Videos.
There are many VIDEOS inside the postings, they should have “Play Arrows”
Especially in the posts describing Swimming with the Sharks (#9), Feeding the Island Pigs (#11), and Snorkeling in the Thunderball Grotto Cave (#12).

So here we go –

1.The Exuma Islands Trip Overview – March 26th
In this post from March 26th, we describe “The Plan” for our 1 month adventure. We show some maps of where we are going, what activities we will try to do, and some photos of our travel partners – Jerry & Deena Luck and the Mahi Mahi.

2.The Departure from Key Largo & arrival at Bimini Island Bahamas – April 2nd
This post describes the exciting departure from Key Largo & arrival at the Big Game Club Marina & Resort on Bimini Island.

3. Bimini Bahamas – April 3rd
This post describes the Immigration process at Bimini, our Golf Cart ride exploring Bimini Island. Our 1st look at he beautiful blue waters, the Dolphin House, and the opulent north side of the island.

4. Chub Cay – April 5th
This post was somewhat boring. The post describes our long 101 mile ride from Bimini to Chub Cay. The posts describe “things we do during a 100 mile ride to reduce boredom”. But since our main goals were in the Exuma Islands, we only spent one quick night and took off the next morning.
Update – on our return trip home we spent another day at the Chub Cay Marina & Resort. It turned out to be a very nice place, with a swim up bar & infinity pool overlooking the blue waters of the Berry Islands.

5. Nassau Bahamas – April 8th
This post describes our “very rough ride” from Chub to New Providence Island (Nassau), our forced anchorage because we could not get an open marina, our 1st swim in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas, and the BEAUTIFUL Palm Cay Marina & Resort.

6. Highborne Cay #1 – April 9th (Easter Sunday)
This post shows the Beautiful Beaches of Highborne Cay, the Water Swing, & our 1st Shark sightings.

7. Highborne Cay #2 – April 12th
This “Bonus Post” from Highborne describes our “Rainy Bike Ride” to the Zuma Beach bar, and our golf cart return back to the marina from bartender Lacie. Yes – Lacie said it was ok to leave the bikes at the bar.

8. Exuma Land & Sea Park – April 18th
This post shows the Most Beautiful Water we have ever seen in the Warderick Wells North Mooring Field, Boo Boo Hill, the mysterious Blow Holes, the Shoreline Rock Gorges, our 1st Sea Ray sighting, and a wonderful day-long Dinghy Ride.

9. Compass Cay Swimming with the Sharks – April 20th
No further description required – one of our bucket lists items !
Note = lots of Video here, click on each image to check.

10. The Staniel Cay Yacht Club – April 19th
This post describes our arrival in the “Rippin’ Current” of Staniel Cay, our Island Walk-Around, and the Key West feel of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

11. Feeding the Swimming Pigs – April 20th
This post was another bucket list item, to see and Feed the wild Pigs of Big Major Cay Island.
Note = lots of Video here, click on each image to check.

12. Snorkeling in the James Bond-Thunderball Grotto Cave – April 22nd
One of the top 3 highlights for me, this cave was awesome.
With multiple underwater entrances, tight caverns, and a thousand fish.
Note = lots of Video, click on each image to check

After our Great Loop trip in 2017/2018, we frequently got the question – “What was your favorite part of the trip”.
So here are my Top 3
1. The beautiful Water in all of the Exuma’s, but especially the Warderick Wells North Mooring Field.
2. The James Bond – Thunderball Grotto Cave.
3. Swimming with the Sharks

Some quick Trip Stats
Days = 28 Days
Distance = approximately 670 miles
Fuel = 450 gallons diesel fuel (ave price = about $4.50 in the USA & $6.00/gallon in the Exumas)
Ports = only 8 different ports due to weather delays
Ave Marina price in Exumas (including Water & Elec fees) = $6-7/ft (don’t believe the prices online $3-4/ft)

Notes for future Bahama Travelers
Check out these very good websites for the processes to clear Customs/Immigration in the Bahamas & returning home to the good Ole USA.

Bahamas – online “Click to Clear” Crusing Permit application = Click Link
USA – online “CBP ROAM” cell phone app for video check-in to the USA = Click Link

We hope you all enjoyed the Blog Postings.
Stay tuned for the next adventure – don’t currently have a plan, but the options are endless !!!
Thanks for reading.

Mike, Jonell, Jerry, & Deena

13 thoughts on “The Exuma Island Trip – Final Summary Post

  1. I know you put lots of time & thought into each blog Mike! I really appreciate your hard work. Great information Mike! Was a pleasure having you & Jonell aboard the MahiMahi! Thank you guys so much🥰We couldn’t have done it without you two. ⚓️🇧🇸❤️🤗🇺🇸🍾🥂


  2. No. It can’t be over. Thanks for sharing the adventure. I enjoyed ever post and am heading to D9 Spring Conference in Bay City. I hope to share your adventures and we definitely would love to have you come talk at a Grosse Pointe meeting. Safe Travels.


  3. So impressed with this blog, it was perfectly done. Your coverage and attention to detail was amazing. Photo’s were such a delight, and the tutorial made me feel like I knew something about being at sea. Which I do not. What a trip and what an experience this must have been. As for the four of you what a reliable and well tuned crew you are. It seems that everyone pitched in and covered for each other. Thank you all as you brought us along on this journey with you. God bless you and safe journeys ahead.


  4. Sorry to hear your trip is ending. I’ve been enjoying every blog along the way! What a great adventure you will never forget. Glad you had this opportunity to enjoy this great trip and enjoy friends. Can’t wait to see you and hear more about your adventures!


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