7. The Exuma’s Travel Blog (April 2023)

Hey Kids,

Remember us, the couple who went on the boating trip of a lifetime, America’s Great Loop.

Well it’s been a while, we have been 4 months in Fort Myers during every Michigan winter.
But other than that, it’s been a bit boring on the Life Adventures List.

Until now – this coming April, we will be Joining our friends Jerry & Deena Luck on the 43ft vessel Mahi Mahi for a 1 month adventure in the Exuma Islands.

The Exuma Islands are a series of islands just east of the Bahamas, south of Nassau & the Abacos.
The Exumas are well know for their giant Iguanas, Swimming with the Pigs, swimming with the Sharks, and a dive cave called Thunderball Grotto.

Here is a link to some of the sights & things to see & do in the Exumas (Clink Link).