Bon Voyage Party

With about 50 close friends, fellow boaters, and family – the farewell party was a great success. It was a very humbling event for Jonell & I to experience the true love we felt yesterday. Special thanks to Gate man Dan, Bagel Brenda, Bartender Eric, Car Porter Kenny, photographers Diane, Brenda, and Joe. Special thanks for the great gifts from the Nofferts, Durrants, Spraggs, Shellers, Aunt Betty/Unc Wayne, Jerry/Deena Luck, Shannon/Scott Knight,  Eric/Laura, and the Wheelers. Special thanks to all the FCA folks who surprised me with their visit yesterday.

Stay tuned for next update from the day 1 ride all the way up to Algonac Harbor Club.

No Photo – Lynn & Andy Hulway 🤔. Thx a bunch for surprising us, see you at Brownies in a year.

9 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Party

  1. Hey Mike & Jonell,

    Sorry we couldn’t make it out on Saturday. What a great adventure you are about to take. We’ll be watching from afar. Have fun and don’t forget while your on your adventure to ” get looped” a couple times.

    -Brian & Andrea Halas


    1. Thx B,
      We missed you guys for the send off.
      Rod/Mel represented the Halas clan well.
      Already accomplished your recommendation (Gettin’ Looped) at the 1st stop of Algonac.
      Thx again for the Boat Name, we have already gotten a lot of comments.


  2. Couldn’t make the send-off but will be watching the blog (when I learn how) to keep up with your great adventure.


  3. Sorry we were unable to make it. Had our own family celebration to attend. Looks like a great time. Have a safe and wonderful trip! Looking forward to your updates and seeing you upon your return. Bon voyage! Eric and Jennifer


  4. It was wonderful to see you off! Enjoy your loop of a lifetime! Looking forward to watching your adventures. Prayers for safety. xo


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