Beaver Island – Port #9 Mon Aug 7

We went to Beaver Island to meet up with Doug Edgar & 1st mate Sharolyn.
Doug Edgar is the father of one of my former co-workers at FCA (Ashley Edgar).
Doug is also the Police Chief of Beaver Island.
Although Beaver Island is known today for its beaches, forests, recreational harbor, and seclusion, at one time it was the site of a unique Mormon kingdom. The kingdom led by the one of the founders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints James J. Strang, along with  the Latter Day Saint movement led by Brigham Young.

Doug & Sharolyn treated us to a Ferris Buehler’s day off tour of Beaver Island !
We saw the following ;
* The house & Tombstone of Protar, beloved acting doctor on Beaver Island in the 1800’s
* The Big Rock
* The Big Tree – Largest Birch tree in Michigan ??
* The new Airport
* Doug’s new 1970’s vintage Jeep J10 (fully operational, any bidders ? )
* The Marsh
* The Beach
* The 1800’s Jail
* A wonderful piece of property called the Boathouse, on a finely manicured garden piece of land with thousands of variety of Hosta plants. We also learned the owner of the property lives in Royal oak at 13-1/2 & Main, just south of Clawson. The house has been moved 2 times since it’s build in the 1800’s.
* The Circle-M restaurant, another 1800’s vintage house converted into a restaurant.
* There were more stops, I just did not take good enough notes

20170807_160936Sharolyn (2)20170807_20193620170807_204622

The night ended with Michael going to bed & Nellie seeing a beautiful Full Moon shining off of the water (how romantic) !




5 thoughts on “Beaver Island – Port #9 Mon Aug 7

  1. It was so much fun visiting and sharing our beloved Beaver Island with you. We are so pleased you were able to join us. Looking forward to another visit in December.


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