Anchorages – Three Rivers Lake (Nov7) & Big Bayou Canot (Nov8)

After leaving the historic Bobby’s Fish Camp, we continued down the Tenn-Tom/Black Warrior Rivers towards Mobile.
We were now traveling with Odyssey, Bucket List, and Rula Bula.
Our plan was to anchor 2 times between Bobby’s & Mobile (about 130 miles).
The two anchorages were called ;
1. Three Rivers Lake
2. Big Bayou Canot

Tuesday – Nov 7
The route down the Tenn-Tom/Black Warrior was highly twisted/contoured, and had a large area of marsh land that the rivers went through (see the green area in the 3rd photo below).
Our trip down river was led by Larry Kreissler (pronounced Chrysler, how about that). Larry is a Gold Looper and was one of the presenters at the Joe Wheeler AGLCA rendezvous we attended in October. He knows the lower Tenn-Tom very well.
Thanks to Larry’s knowledge of the river, we had an anchorage that we never would have found or attempted to enter on our own.
Larry led us to a place called Three Rivers Lake.
The entrance to the lake was so narrow & so littered with fallen trees, that if we were on our own, we would have never entered the canal leading to the Lake. In spite of what appeared to be a canal that would eventually run out of water, the depth remained 10-15ft during the 10 minute/ 0.1 mile ride into the lake. At the end of the canal, the exit opened up into a beautiful secluded lake only used by small fisherman boats. The depth in the lake was 15-20ft.
It was a spectacular afternoon & night
Thank you Larry !

This photo looks back at the exit of the canal, we are now in Three Rivers Lake

Wednesday – Nov 8th

On Wednesday, we left the Three Rivers Lake anchorage and headed to a second anchorage called Big Bayou Canot. It was not as spectacular as Three Rivers, but it was a nice quiet place. We again had a 4 boat raft off and shared a Looper pot luck dinner on Bucket List.
* Nellie made meatballs
* Sue made home-made bread
* JoAnne brought a cheese/cracker tray & ham roll-ups
* The host Cindy made salad, soup, mild sausage, and cheese cake for dessert.
Doesn’t sound like much, but we were all full after dinner.
After dinner we moved from Bucket List to Gettin’ Looped and watched Mike’s Go-Pro video of Three Rivers Lake canal on the 47″ Samsung (we have the biggest TV and know how to hook it up to a computer).
It was a very fun night with our Looper pals telling stories and jokes, and picking Larry/Cindy’s brains about the upcoming trip into Mobile.

That’s it for now.
Next Blog Update = The trip into Mobile Bay !!

Oh, BTW – Just heard from Brenda & Kenny that it was 18f in Detroit this am.
It again reminded Jonell & I how lucky we are, and to stop complaining about 45-50f mornings. It was 69f and sunny today in Mobile.

2 thoughts on “Anchorages – Three Rivers Lake (Nov7) & Big Bayou Canot (Nov8)

  1. When you anchored at Big Bayou Canot, were you able to visit the monument to all the lives lost when the Amtrack train crashed there?


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