Destin Florida – Destin Harbor Docks (Port #46) – Nov 20

Quick update today, we are only in Destin Florida for 1 day, on our way to Panama City for 3 days.

We left Pensacola to moderate wind/waves, but as Sailflow predicted the wind/waves smoothed out about an hour after we departed Pensacola. The ride down the ICW was very smooth, low-key, we only passed one other boat.

As we approached Fort Walton Florida we observed significant air traffic. This turned out to be from Eglin Air Force Base, just north of Fort Walton. There were several low flying military aircraft.
Aircraft Video  =

Between Fort Walton & Destin, we encountered a large school of dolphin. We saw over 10 dolphin within a 30 minute span. Hard to catch on video, but we did get some video.
Dolphin Video =
It was a very wild experience in real life to see the dolphins so close to the boat.

After arriving in Destin, we went for a walk with our pals Dennis/Dana from Pharm Life.
We walked from the Harbor Docks Marina to the downtown Destin boardwalk. We had afternoon drinks on the 3rd level of a waterfront pub (nice view of the harbor).

The boardwalk was lined with fishing charter boats. It appears that Tourism & Fishing Charters are a big part of Destin’s economy. The aftermath of the weekend fishing tournament was still evident.

We also saw a few late day fishing boats coming in, carting the bounty off to market.

On the walk back to our boat we saw a few funny things; an outboard engine which obviously had seen significant salt water action & a boat which made us think of our daughter Ashley.

The prop still rotates , but do you really want to buy a tee-shirt that says “Salt Life” after seeing this , I vote for “Fresh Water Life”
We love you Ashley (our daughter, not this boat)



6 thoughts on “Destin Florida – Destin Harbor Docks (Port #46) – Nov 20

  1. Following the adventure from Missouri as a future Looper.(sounds better to me than “wannabe”). Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Keep the posts coming


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