Merry Christmas from Mike & Jonell !

Hey Blog Followers, here is a little Christmas song from me & Jonell.
Do you remember the words to – I’m dreaming of a White Christmas ?

I’m dreaming of a White Sandy Beach Christmas.
Just like the ones I’ve never seen.
Where the palm trees glisten.
And adult children listen.
To hear big block engines running off-shore.
I’m dreaming of a White Sandy Beach Christmas.
With every Christmas card I did not write (sorry, normal delivery will resume next year).
May your days be Sunny and Warm.
And may all your Christmases be on White Sandy Beaches !

Actually – A White Snowy Cold Christmas is still the Best !
But, this White Sandy Beach Christmas is pretty sweet before & after Dec 25th.

Love & miss you all,
Mike & Jonell

Merry Christmas Video =

Merry Christmas to All, & to All a Good Night !
Merry Christmas from Motor Vessel Gettin' Looped


14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Mike & Jonell !

  1. Murph – Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Thanks for entertaining me with the blog these past 5+ months. Looking forward to more…. have to run; snow shovel is waiting!!!


  2. MErry Christmas, Mike and Jonell! I sany your song to Scott as he navigates a white-out on our way to Family Christmas in Boyne City. We like the White Sandy Beach idea right now! Love All your stories and pics! Thank you for sharing with us! Happy New Year!


  3. Gettin looped looks good decorated for Christmas.
    You guys look like you’re in a Corona commercial, hope your Christmas was as relaxing as it looked.
    G & D


  4. Merry Christmas! It is a White Christmas here but the temperature is below zero right now.. Mickey can only be out a few minutes before he starts lifting his paws because they are too cold. 23,040 minutes till Chicago boat show! My apple phone keeps rebooting every 5 minutes so I am using my tablet now…


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