Manasquan New Jersey – Hoffman’s Marina (Port #101) ; June 28

Well remember the last post ?
Something about doing the Inside ICW route because the Atlantic was too wavy ?
Remember that I had spoken with 3 Gold Loopers and got advice that it should be ok.

Well guess what, it wasn’t exactly OK !

The first hour was fine.

Actually, the entire ride was fine, with very calm waters – but for about 4 hours of the 8 hour day, we dealt with only 4-5 foot water depths, very nerve-racking.

AND, for less than 5 minutes, there was only 2 feet of waterGROUNDED !

All ended well, after thinking about lowering the dinghy to trying to push ourselves off, I reconsidered due to pretty high winds, and called Tow Boat US.
Rick from Tow Boat US arrived in an amazingly fast 30 minutes.

It took about 10-15 minutes of slowly nurturing the boat out of the sand/mud and back into deeper water.

When we took off after The Grounding, I was prepared for the worst –
> Vibrations felt ok, the same as before – at the helm & at the stuffing boxes & rudders.
> Noise sounded similar.
> Steering felt the same.
* Oh-Oh, why is the Instantaneous Fuel Economy so low ?
> Could I have bent the shaft & the cutlass bearing is bound up ?
> Is something wound around the shaft ?

After about 15 minutes of oh crap, I realized that we were almost at the next entrance to the Atlantic & the current was coming in – it was Normal Current Drag on the boat from incoming tide.

After we passed the ocean inlet/outlet, we got the normal boost in speed & fuel economy.
All systems functioning normally, even on the high speed – 20mph/3200rpm run – Yea !!!

You may ask – How did this happen Michael  ?
Well, let me tell you.

When the Tow Boat US guy towed us out, he actually towed us out on a path that was listed as 1 foot of water & over land, on both the Chart plotter & the IPAD.
Here is a shot of where we got stuck & the path we were towed back to deeper water.

The Blue Dot is where we got grounded, appearing to be in 6.9-7.9 feet of water. I had entered this area going directly at Red Marker #132 (far left of picture) and passed it successfully. I had intended to stay in the light blue area where the water depth says “6.9 , 7.9, 8.9 feet, keeping the Red Can #130A & Red Can #130 on our starboard side, even though the Reds had been port side all morning. I should have kept following the Marker Cans and not followed the light blue deep water paths shown on both the chart plotter & IPAD. Notice the path that the Tow Boat US driver took us out on (brown dotted line) – It goes into 1 foot of water, and even over a small green circle of marsh land. I was afraid to trust the Red markers because both chart plotter & IPAD said that it was shallow to starboard, that turned out to be not true. Bottom Line = Marker Cans were Correct Here, Charts were Not Correct Here. This is contrary to all of our experience on The Loop. The charts have always been correct, and sometimes the cans are out of position.

The Murph’s lead blessed lives.
About a 1 hour delay, no permanent issues, and we arrived safely at Manasquan.
Recommendation = Get Boat US – Unlimited Gold Towing (We have it , Yea) !

But wait there is more !
Upon arrival at Manasquan, just before we got to the marina, there was more excitement.
> Very High Current – we were doing 10mph at 1000rpm (4-5 mph push) with the current.
> A Lift Bridge with a very narrow opening & high current – 30 ft gap for our 15ft beam.
> The marina is right on the canal, right after the lift bridge, and the current made docking more challenging.

Narrow Lift Bridge – Up for Boat Passage (view from our boat)


Lift Bridge – Down for Commuter Trains (run every hour with a horn blast, Ugh !)

Our arrival went very well.
We were safely tucked in about 3pm.

We had dinner at the nearby place called The Waypoint 662 Restaurant.
Ambience was good, food was so-so.

Before heading out to dinner, we met a couple in the boat next to us from Clinton Township Michigan, Doug & Ann Miner.
I noticed the Old English-D on their boat.

They live in Clinton Township but keep their boat at The Detroit Yacht Club.
Joe Tatham – Ever heard of them, they thought your name sounded familiar ?
That’s all from Manasquan, 1 quick night.

Next Stop = Liberty Landing Marina in New York City (actually in Jersey, on the Hudson River, right across from NYC & right next to the Statue of Liberty) – 4 Nights for me and Nellie & Jonell’s brother Adam & 1st mate Patti arriving on Monday !


3 thoughts on “Manasquan New Jersey – Hoffman’s Marina (Port #101) ; June 28

  1. Hi Mike and Jonell, I get dizzy thinking about all the navigational stuff you have to do. NY should be a great stop. We miss you guys have fun only about 8 weeks to go. Happy trails or should I say happy wakes. Blessings Roberta and Al


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