The End !!

Hey Kids remember us ?
It’s been a while since we have posted & this will be The Final Post for Gettin’ Looped.

This morning we watched our baby sail off with her new owner, Micah Graber.
Micah is a music professor at Toledo University, who has every summer off work.
He plans to make Gettin’ Looped his summer cottage, stationed in Saugatuck Michigan.

It was a wonderful 4 years of ownership, with memories we will never forget.
We loved her & will miss the Gettin’ Looped like we miss our dog Chelsea !

But as everything in life, it’s time to turn the page.
The plan after The Loop always was, and still is – a 1 year motorhome trip to about 40 of 59 National Parks.
This trip will probably occur in 2021CY.

Farewell Gettin’ Looped, we love you !




25 thoughts on “The End !!

  1. Lots of memories for you sailing off into the distance. Fortunately for us, we shared them through your wonderful posts. Thanks Mike and Jonell.


    1. Greg,
      Send us your blog link when you take off.
      We need to live thru other Loopers now.
      Be aware – Illinois River closed spring of 2020, Lock Maintenance !
      It will affect all 2020 Loopers from our area of the country.
      Search the AGLCA daily forum website for “Illinois River Closure”.

      586 202 6295


  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful chapter in your lives Mike & Jonell. I looked forward to each post.
    Did you wipe the tear from the corner of your eye as you watched her sail away?


  3. What an adventure you had and shared with all of us. While Gettin’ Looped has a new home the memories you had with her will last a lifetime.


  4. Congrats guys! What a journey – thanks for taking us with you!! We feel your bittersweet emotions for sure :/


  5. Murph
    Thanks for sharing all the memories. Your blogs were a joy to read (albeit ‘long winded’ at times). Certainly enjoyed following your journey…best part for you; it appears a new adventure is just around the corner. See ya soon.


  6. Sad day. Thank you for your dedication to this blog, it was a great follow.

    -Brian Van Baren
    Met you in South Haven, MI


    1. Brian,
      I remember it, like it was yesterday.
      South Haven was another favorite stop – Old Harbor Village was great.
      Captain Lou’s, Idler Riverboat, & the Mayweather/McGregor fight !
      We met you & Ken/Chris Smyth in South Haven.


  7. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, and for your hospitality while in Key West!! We can’t wait to follow along on your next cross-country adventure!

    Ron & Michelle


  8. Hi MIke and Jonell

    I know it must have been a little sad!!!! Susan and I had so much fun on our trip with you both !!! I loved watching all your adventures on your blog and couldn’t WAIT till our time was coming…….Good Luck in all your up and coming adventures !!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  9. From boat to upcoming motor home. Traveling is contagious and life changing. Thanks for sharing your all of your travel experiences with us.


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