Port #4 – Highborne Cay Exuma (Bonus Post)

So we thought that we were finished with any blog posts from Highborne Cay because it was sooooo RAINY !

An all day, a real SOAKER !

But Captain Jerry says “let’s go on a bike ride to the Bar”

So off we went – it may have been the best, most fun day, of the 4 days here !

We made it to the Xuma Beach Bar about 3/4 mile away, in a drizzle.
We were told by the very friendly marina worker Claudette, to check in with “Laicie” at the Beach Bar.
Claudette said that Lacie would take care of us – Boy did she !

We spent about 3 RAINY hours at the beach bar and it may have been the most fun 3 hours we have spent at Highborne.

It sounds boring, but we spent 3 hours drinking “Lacie concoctions”, while watching the movie “The Untouchables”.

It was a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.
We got stewed (at least me & Jerry did), and even Nellie had a beer !
Jerry had some Bahamian Rum drink – Strait on the Rocks !!!

After our 3 hours drinking & watching The Untouchables with Lacie, the rain picked up a lot.
We were contemplating “weather” to go or not – Lacie said ” you can leave the bikes, come with me on my golf cart, I’m closing the bar at 6pm & going to work at the restaurant.

So all 5 of us piled onto Lacie’s golf cart and headed back to the boat.
She said that it was ok to leave the bikes at the Beach Bar.

It might have been the best Golf Cart Ride Ever.

That’s all for now folks, sea you at the Exuma Land & Sea Park.

8 thoughts on “Port #4 – Highborne Cay Exuma (Bonus Post)

  1. Looks like a great week, even with the weather!! It looks like Heaven there, water is just beautiful! So glad to see Mikey the clown showed up, fun day! You’re meeting some nice, interesting people!! Keep sending these blogs, love it!!


  2. I enjoy your blogs so much. Your adventures and so exciting and the friendships are amazing! Your journey on the bikes and bar and golf carts made me laugh, I felt as if I was there celebrating in the rain with you. 😊


  3. all of you seem to be having agreat time. despite the rain. we have been having super warm weath here 80 degrees last 4 days.
    keep us informed of your going ons ,


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