Port #6 – Staniel Cay Yacht Club (Initial Walk-Around)

Mon Apr 17th

WARNING – This post may be considered Boring !
If you are short on time, skip it & wait for the next 2 blog posts.

We arrived at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club on Monday the 17th about 11am.
The well know current at Staniel Cay was RIPPIN” (at least 5mph), much more than the Detroit River.
And all the slips are “in the current flow”.
The marina answered our initial call for a slip assignment, but said “Stand By”.

After “Standing-By” for about 20 minutes, and making a couple other unanswered VHF calls to the marina, we made the executive decision to just pull up to the T-Head, dock the boat, and ask for permission later.

The plan worked flawlessly. After we tied up to the T-Head, I called the marina and told them what we did. They said “Ok, it’s fine to wait there, you probably can’t get into your slip until about 2-3pm.

About 3pm, we finally got into our slip.
The current had subsided a bit.
Captain Luck did a great job, sterning into our slip.
We had marina help with the dock lines at this point.
Safe harbor for the next 4 days.

We had a nice dinner at the “Private Dining Room” for the 6:30 sitting !
You had to order your meal before 4pm for the 6:30pm or 8:30pm sitting.
Jerry, Jonell, and Deena had BB Ribs, I had the catch-of-the-day.
They all said the Ribs were great, the COTD was just OK.
Still not sure what type of fish the COTD was, should have asked, too tired.

Here are some of our initial walk-around photos.
Sorry, no photos of the “Private Dining Room” (our secret = it was ok, but nothing special)

We ended the night with a Hellatious Wind & Rain Storm.
I think that it may have been the most fierce storm that I have been in on a boat, and I have been in a few.
Thank god we were tied up at a marina with 4 lines & 4 fenders.

The weather forecast did call for rain, but even while the 30-40 mph winds were happening, I looked up Windfinder & Sailflow Apps, and both said that the wind was only 15-20mph (humm).

I think that the internet wind service providers are not very good with quickly developing storms.
Thunder, an incredible Lightning show, and 3ft waves IN THE MARINA, between 11pm-2am (UGH).

Tuesday Apr 18th

Still windy all day Tuesday, delaying our dinghy trip to Pig Beach & Thunderball Grotto (bummer).

We needed to re-stock on some groceries & wanted to visit the on-island marine supply store, so we headed out for the island walk.

Not a big deal, the grocery store was only 1/2 mile away.
And the marine store was another additional 1/2 mile.
The girls only went to the grocery store.
Me & Jerry went the additional 1/2 mile forward & back to the marine store (uphill, both ways).

The grocery store was excellent, they had everything (Burke’s Convenience Store).
The marine supply store = not so much !
But it was a fun walk & good way to see the island.

Later that evening, Deena made dinner again – delicious Pork Chops.

Just before bed-time, me & Deena went for a night-cap at the SCYC waterside patio bar.

Lights out @ 18:00 hrs.
Hopefully tomorrow we will have some more exciting updates for you.
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Port #6 – Staniel Cay Yacht Club (Initial Walk-Around)

  1. You are never boring. Sitting at home in MI with 40 degrees is boring. I can’t get enough of the blue waters. Love the pigs. You make me want to visit Exzuma. Rose


      1. once again very enjoyable ready your post, your photos are allways warmiing for us left behind in mich. hope the rest of your stay is”nt hampered by the weather.


  2. once again very enjoyable ready your post, your photos are allways warmiing for us left behind in mich. hope the rest of your stay is”nt hampered by the weather.


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