Lexington to Harbor Beach

The weather gods continue to shine on us.
We departed Lexington about 8:45am today to absolutely NO Wind !
Most of the ride was magnificent, with wind/waves picking up as we approached Harbor Beach.

At Harbor Beach we began to experience some of the small town friendliness we had heard of from other Loopers. One of the marina staff took us into town to the Hardware, Drug store, and Boating Store.
Harbor Beach Marina has a very long pier/breakwall on Lake Huron – we spent the afternoon sitting on the pier having some pre-dinner refreshments.
20170719_162918Nellie then took her 1st Looping bike ride into town where we had a great dinner at the highly recommended Smallies Bar/Grill (Butterfly Shrimp, Pasta Amelia & 2 Beers = $26.67). The shrimp & chicken pasta were awesome.
20170719_200925Tomorrow=Harbor Beach to Caseville, where we will meet up with cousins,  The Grobbels  & FCA pal Brian Agar.

GPS Tracker =https://share.garmin.com/GettinLooped2017

10 thoughts on “Lexington to Harbor Beach

  1. While I don’t always have something clever to say I am reading every day and following your GPS tracker! I wish there was a “thumbs up” button so you would know we’re following along… Since there isn’t, I am going to start commenting “thumbs up” instead!


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