Caseville – Friday July 21st

We arrived Thursday afternoon after a pretty bumpy ride from Harbor Beach.
Shortly after the arrival we met the harbormaster ” Gold Looper, Bernie Cobb”.
Bernie recognized the AGLCA burgee and the stories about his Looping experience began.

Surprisingly, later that afternoon, we met 2 other couples who ALSO RECOGNIZED THE AGLCA BURGEE. The two couples were both Platinum Loopers (have completed the Loop more than once); Bob/Sally Oliver & Ed/Connie Fibranz.
We invited them up on the rear deck of Gettin’ Looped, and picked their brains about the Loop for about 90 minutes (forgot to get a photo, will add it later this weekend).
We spent the early day today cleaning the boat & doing laundry, prepping for guests later this weekend.
During the afternoon we went on a bike ride to the Caseville Beach. Had some refreshments at the “Baywatch on the Beach Grill”. Sounded nice on Google, but it was basically a burger/hot dog stand with no libations. At the beach, we people watched under a shade tree and were able to see a really cool seaplane land and later take off. We missed the landing it was the most cool, but did get some video of the take off. Not sure how the quality will be on the blog, but its worth a look.

Tomorrow – visiting with cousins, Ron & Sue Murphree

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