Caseville – Sunday July 23

The Grobbels returned us to Gettin’ Looped about 11am Sunday, and at noon we welcomed the next Caseville visitors; FCA co-worker Brian Agar & lifelong college pal Eric Deloney (also visited us in Lexington).
Brian has boated in the Caseville area for many years, he has a warehouse with 15-20 boats, trailers, and full shop.
Brian gave us the Caseville tour of ; the Pigeon River break wall, his brand new 5th wheel trailer, his warehouse, & his home marina “Huron Yatch Club”.

The Saginaw Bay end of the very long breakwall had interesting deformations of the safety rails from damage created by the ice during the past winter (the power of water & ice).20170723_12203820170723_122432

Brian then took us to his very unique Huron Yacht Club, of which the interior was built entirely by the very small 40 person club membership.

After the Caseville tour from Brian, we returned to Gettin’ Looped and visited for a few hours. Shortly after Eric & Brian left, a viscous storm passed thru. I did not get any video, but cousin Ron Grobbel texted to make sure Jonell & I were ok, and attached this video from his cottage 7 miles north of the marina.

Good to be safely tied up in port during this one, we did lose power at the marina for about 5 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Caseville – Sunday July 23

  1. Hope you crossed Saginaw Bay on a “calmer” day. It gets really nasty. Keep up the posts.


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