Caseville to Harrisville

The Caseville to Harrisville departure was delayed by 1 day due to 25-30 mph winds on Monday (phone Apps – Windy & Sailflow are coming in handy to predict winds in advance).
After hunkering down for one more day in Caseville, we departed this morning on a  beautiful peaceful Lake Huron. We are pretty sure that we are being blessed on this trip by a couple weather angels named Jan & Faye (thx mommies).
Join us for a ride =

Harrisville is about 50 miles north of Caseville and 50 miles south of Alpena/Presque Isle, our next stop. It’s a small quiet town of under 1000 people.

They have the train tracks going to anywhere USA

And if the train is not on time, you can hitch a ride on US-23 back to metro Detroit (three blocks from the Harrisville Harbor) .

We went for a walk into town, ate/drank dinner at Shot Maker’s Sports Bar/Grill, and had some of the coldest/freshest tap beer I have ever had. Then we came back to hang out at the very nice marina lounge, watch the Tiger game , and talk boating travels with 4 sail boaters who have done some of the legs of the Loop.

We also had some GREAT NEWS & some not so great news from the Real World.

GREAT NEWS – Daniel was baptized this past weekend by Pastor Jesse at Christ the King Church, brother-in-law Adam participated (sorry for the grainy video, but we are proud).

Danny boy had some bad luck this evening with the Fiat, he is taking collections for repairs. I recon that I will be his initial contributor.

9 thoughts on “Caseville to Harrisville

  1. Love your post today! Sorry about Dan’s little Cinque Cento… Looks like “Luigi” got into a bar fight. Remember “Luigi”? 🙂

    Harrisville Harbor has bittersweet memories for me. At 15 years old, while bringing our new-to-us sailboat home to Saginaw from Chicago we lost our engine in a storm while crossing Thunder Bay (Alpena) at 2AM. Before the days of affordable GPS or even Radar, we were using LORAN-C for Lat-Long navigation on old fashioned charts. The 35+ MPH winds knocked out enough LORAN towers to leave us blind and unable to dead-recon by shore lighting due to heavy fog. We called for help to find Harrisville as the nearest deep-water harbor of refuge. (We drew 6.5′). A power-boater at Harrisville was awake, heard our call and found us on his radar plotter. He guided us through the storm and fog for 4 hours as we tacked toward the harbor, finally arriving around 6AM. The fog was so thick that we didn’t know the break wall was even there until the next day. We couldn’t have been more than 20 feet from it when we entered the harbor but did not see it. Without that boater’s help we could not have arrived safely. I was never so happy to see land as I was that morning in Harrisville.

    I’m glad you two are experiencing MUCH better weather for this leg of your loop!

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