Harrisville to Presque Isle (port #6)

The weather cleared from the rainy/dreary Wednesday at Harrisville.
Time to go back to work !
Today started out as another one of those tough days, departing Harrisville Michigan heading to Presque Isle, with beautiful wind/waves (thanks again maw Murph & Silorey).
It was a hard day because we had dew on the windows and we had to raise the center glass to see (Nellie got cold).

We arrived in Presque Isle about 2pm, washed the boat, and had some welcome to Presque isle drinks at the bar.
20170727_144436 (2)

After the “welcome to Presque Isle drinks, we went for a walk down the marina breakwall. The water UP NORTH here is crystal clear (we are now officially up north, north of Aunt Angie in Alpena), Can’t wait to see the Georgian Bay water because this water is dramatically more clear than Harrisville , only 50 miles further south.

The day ended with a nice dinner, docktails with 2 other couples,  & a walk thru the marina looking for the next Murphree Boat, I think we found it, a 65ft Marquis Motor Yacht.

Check out the GPS Tracker, it feels like we are making progress now after 5 days in Caseville & 2 days in Harrisville – it was good to get further north = https://share.garmin.com/GettinLooped2017

We came to Presque Isle (just north of Alpena) to see Aunt Angie Chesney, & my cuz Kathy & Dan Serre.
We will see them tomorrow and Sunday.
Kathy says they will drop off A. Angie’s car tomorrow, and that we can use it for the whole weekend (no Daniel, you can’t borrow it !).
We will also have a BBQ on Sunday at Dan/Kathy’s house

4 thoughts on “Harrisville to Presque Isle (port #6)

  1. You both look so happy in the pictures..Really nice to see you enjoying every stop. Does it have anything to do with the cocktails .. docktails.. mentioned in EVERY blog ?! Be safe. XOXO. (gotta go.. my beer is getting warm 😉


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