Presque Isle – Saturday July 29

Awesome/Fun/Adventure day.
We unloaded the dinghy for the 1st time on the trip.

When we arrived at the Presque Isle Marina on Thursday, they gave us a guide book of activities in the area (like the light houses in the previous post on Friday). In the guide book there was a section about 7 sunken ships in the various waters between Presque Isle & Alpena. One of the ship wrecks was in Albany Bay, the next bay over from Presque Isle Harbor Bay – where the marina is located.
We ventured out of Presque Isle Harbor Bay to the neighboring Albany Bay , and took the dinghy about 3-4 miles to look for the sunken remains of the Steamer Ship “Albany”. We used the GPS coordinates from the magazine article below & the Garmin Blue Charts on the IPAD to find the Ship Wreck.
See the history below

It was pretty hard to see it, in spite of the clear water.
You could make out dark shapes showing the outline of the vessel.


We then took a slow ride back to the marina, following the shoreline of Albany Bay & then Presque Isle Bay. About 2/3 of the way back, we discovered a nice sandy beach to ; pull over and have a couple soda pops, a few hours of sun bathing, and a wonderful 30 minute nap laying on the dinghy tube .
The water was so clear, It did not seem like Northern Michigan.
It felt more like Cancun, Cozumel, or Bahamas – rather than northern Michigan.

Northern Michigan Corona moment =


Next stop tomorrow = Cheboygan Michigan (60 miles)

5 thoughts on “Presque Isle – Saturday July 29

  1. Beautiful. Hopefully you make it into the Georgian Bay, said to be some of the best waters and boating in the world.


  2. Deb,
    I hear the same things about Geo Bay. It was our original plan to go there on the way out & back. But looking at our timeline, if we went there for 1 week and then had 1 more week of delay due to weather, we would not make our rendezvous in Alabama by 2nd week Oct. We will do 2 weeks in Geo Bay on the way home from Trent Severn
    Stay in touch

    Mike/Jonel l


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