Presque Isle – Sunday July 30

Our last day at Presque Isle was a very special day.

As planned, we went to cousin Kathy & Dan Serre’s  house for a BBQ dinner with them and Aunt Angie.

At about 2pm, we had a very special surprise – my father, brother, sister, brother-in-law, son, and son’s girlfriend (and dogs Jack & Olive) showed up at Kathy & Dan’s house . They drove all the way from metro Detroit to Alpena to celebrate my 59th birthday which will occur next week on August 5th. Next week, most of my family will be attending the wedding of  our cousin Jayme Cicchelli  in metro Detroit. My family drove to Alpena, celebrated with birthday dinner & cake, and drove home the same day for work on Monday (10 hours of driving, ugh). The visit was a surprise for me, Jonell, Kathy, Dan, and Aunt Angie. It was a very special day.

But WAIT, OMG , that’s not all !

During the visit, and before dinner/cake – our son Daniel asked me to take a photo of him and his girlfriend Megan. You might be able to guess what happened while I was snapping the photos.

Dan & Megan met about 18 months ago on
Megan has been an awesomely positive addition into Dan’s life, his happiness is very evident. Dan asked Mr. Durrant for his blessing to propose about a month ago.
Megan & Dan will get a very nice trial period for marriage over the next year, while Jonell & I are traveling – Dan moved in with Megan just before we left.
Congrats “Dan & Megan”

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