Bay Harbor, Charlevoix, Boyne – Aug 11

In spite of the crappy/dreary weather & a wrenched back, the Harbor Springs stop turned out to be a great stop, thanks to our friends Shannon & Scott Knight. Shannon worked with me on the re-introduction of the Fiat brand to the USA via the Fiat 500.
Shannon’s folks own a cottage in Boyne City, Shannon actively follows the blog, and called with a surprise proposal of meeting us yesterday while they were up north on a long weekend visiting their folks.
Shannon & Scott gave us our 2nd Ferris Buehler’s day off by car (1st was Doug/Sharolyn on Beaver Isl).
In one afternoon/night we were able to; 1) Have drinks aboard Getting Looped, 2) visit downtown Charlevoix, 3) see the Four Winns estate from across the bay on Lake Charlevoix, 4) run into our new Looper friends from Mackinaw Tag Team & Pharm Team, 5) have dinner on the deck of the Landing Restaurant, 6) take the Ironton cable Ferry across the south arm of Lake Charlevoix, 7) have drinks in Boyne City at Stiggs, 7) meet up with co-worker Brian Agar, and 8) end the night by picking up and safely returning to home a very drunk young female who had gotten lost from the campgrounds she was staying at. She was on the side of the road attempting to flag down a good Samaritan (Shannon to the rescue).
What a night !

Lake Charlevoix Marina
Four Winns Estate behind the boat (gray/white home) on Lake Charlevoix


Dinner at The Landing Restaurant (outer Charlevoix)
Drinks at Staggs (Boyne City) with Brian and Jim

Sorry – No photos of the totally intoxicated girl on the side of the road !

Oh, by the way – there were some nice homes in Bay Harbor.

Oh, by the way #2, the 1st ever visit to the chiropractor worked pretty good. 50-60% improvement yesterday. Up to 70-80% today. Thx for all the well wishes.

6 thoughts on “Bay Harbor, Charlevoix, Boyne – Aug 11

  1. When in Leland don’t miss Carlson’s fish market for smoked fish and smoked fish dip. Also, check out Rick’s for a Chubby Mary. Two of our favorite places in Leland.


  2. Beautiful area. Hasn’t lost t’s allure. Inner harbor much improved from our previous visits.


  3. Just caught up on last four days. Amazing, your having such a great time and it’s only Michigan. Enjoy, missing ya!


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