Leland (Port #12) – Aug 12/13

The trip from Bay Harbor was a little bumpy (20mph winds) . The good news is that I am really getting to “feel” the Viking. It is starting to feel like a smaller boat finally. Riding the waves was starting to feel more like the ole 24ft Four Winns.

Leland is only Port #12, but it may now be our favorite port so far.
The marina is in great shape, the courtesy room is new/clean, everyone is super friendly.
Nothing really to speak of, it’s just a very nice small Lake Michigan town. It’s history is of a fishing village, and the town today is a combination of fishing work boats & tourism.

There is a small section of the town known as Fishtown, with fish stores, cheese shops, candy shops, hand crafted stores, restaurants, gift stores, etc.

There are a handful of restaurants & pubs. One of the places was recommended to us by blog followers, and FCA co-worker Andy & Lynn Hulway. They recommended a place called Rick’s Cafe.
Rick’s Cafe is located along the Leland River and has a Key West tiki-hut theme.


Andy & Lynn said you have to go there for the “Chubby Mary”.
We went for a late breakfast and ordered the Chubby Mary with some chips/salza, expecting a bloody Mary – but got a little surprise.
A bloody Mary with a fish !

Overall the Chubby Mary was in fact a fine drink/food sensation & experience.

We then went to the beach for the afternoon, came back and washed the boat, and ended the day meeting some new sailboat friends we had first met in Bay Harbor, and new Looper couple #9.

Bill & Deborah from Gross Pointe. We first met them at Bay Harbor where they keep their sailboat during the summer.
Tim & Alice are from the Boston area, and began their Loop about 3 months ago starting in NYC on the Hudson River.

The western Michigan boating travel circuit is smaller than one would think. The next stop for Mike/Jonell, Bill/Deborah, and Tim/Alice is Frankfort.  Also our previous Looper friends from Mackinaw City, who we ran into in Charlevoix – Tag Team & Pharm Team will right behind us coming to Leland next , then Frankfort. We have stayed in touch by phone with Tag Team (Tom & Sue Ann from Texas).

The other big update – our daughter Ashley & 1st mate Dave will be joining us for a week, meeting us at our next stop in Frankfort Michigan on Tuesday.

Oh, by the way – my bride continues to take some darn nice photos with her fancy new smart phone, while I am not around.

10 thoughts on “Leland (Port #12) – Aug 12/13

  1. Fishtown is such a cute stop. Do they still have the “Dam” Candy Store? Loved going there as well as the kids who laughed at the name.


  2. Sorry I missed you guys when you came through Presque Isle. You pass right by us on South Albany Point just before going in to the marina next to the light house. We will set something up in July on the return trip. Just let me know the date.


      1. Yes we are one inlet to the south of the little bay area that the shipwreck is in, we ride the Sea Doo’s to the Harbor all the time.


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