Ludington (Port #14) ; Aug 19-20

Ludington was a great stop for us.
The city is beautiful, they have flower lined streets, a beautiful park surrounding the harbor, a couple beautiful marinas, a wide assortment of restaurants, bars, gift shops.
The city park on the water also had many Ludington history based bronze statues.
Overall a beautiful place with nice folks.


On Saturday, Ludington had a very large Craft Beer Festival in a large park a bike ride away from the marinas. We attended the beer fest with Loopers we had met in Mackinaw; Tom/Sue Rushing (Tag Team) & Dennis/Dana Hann (Pharm Life). Tag Team & Pharm Life also introduced us to more Looper friends ; Steve/Teresa Lasher (Sanctuary), Pat/Cathy Deadwiley (Southern Cross), and Scott/Mary Haws (JaycieLynn). It was a token based system with easily over 100 varieties of beer available. Six tokens for $30, 1 token = 4oz sample , Nellie shared her tokens with me & still got blasted.

On Sunday;  we did laundry, rode bikes to see the town, went to the beach, & ate subway at the harbor park while watching the car ferry Badger return to its Ludington port. The ferry docks by dropping its anchor and pivoting about the anchor to do a 180 turn before backing in to the pier. The process is pretty cool to watch.

Badger Car Ferry Video

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