Key West Jan 22-25; Brother Ken & Carla Visit

Ok blog followers, this update will be easy.
My brother Kenny & mate Carla came for their “3rd” visit on our Great Loop Adventure.
We are still in Key West, so we did with Kenny & Carla, much of the same stuff we had done with ; Brenda, Paula/Mike, Ron/Michelle, & Pat/Jenny.

It was kind of a tough week for me & Nellie.
Jonell was still not recovered from her flu/cold which left her in bed during 2 of the 3 days during the Haggerty visit. We took her to the Urgent Care for meds last Saturday.
Sunday night Mike caught the germs, Monday was my worst day, CVS drugs have improved my condition from terrible to just highly uncomfortable. To give you an idea of how rough I was/am – I have now went 5 days without a beer !

We felt bad for Kenny/Carla who spent a lot of money to visit and had less than optimal tour guides. We did try to be the tough troopers, but the Mike/Nellie smiles in the photos may not be as brilliant as normal.

It was still a fun few days, always fun with Kenny & Carla.
Enjoy the photos !



Next Up = Our Dear friends “The Spraggs & The Schellers”


3 thoughts on “Key West Jan 22-25; Brother Ken & Carla Visit

  1. Maybe ppl from flu infected Michigan are bringing the flu bug with them 😷😷🤧🤮🤮🤢


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