Georgetown South Carolina – Harborwalk Marina (Port #81) ; May 14-16

May 14 – Mon
After the 1 night stay at the Leland Oil Company, we had a short 27 mile ride into the Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown SC.

The ride was peaceful, plenty of deep water, low winds, etc.
We passed several small fishermen, the one below seemed almost like a family event with Dad, Mom, and son pulling up crab nets.
It was a great way to start the day.

We left Leland at 8:30am and arrived at Georgetown at 11:30am.
It is supposed to rain for about 10 days in a row, so we topped off the fuel (108 gallons), while the sunshine was still showing its face.

After gettin’ fueled & set up in our slip, we went into work mode – prepping for the arrival of the Hinman’s tomorrow.
Nellie did 4 loads of laundry, and I washed the boat and went grocery shopping (had to buy extra beer for Dave).

We showered up about 6pm, and went out for dinner & a quick look-see of Georgetown.
We strolled down the Georgetown Harborwalk.

We stopped and ate at a place called Buzz’s Roost, a nautical sports bar place on the waterfront. The ambiance & service were good, the food was “ok” bar food.

After dinner we walked back to the boat on the main street in town called Front Street.
Not a whole lot happening today (Monday), it was pretty quiet, but it was about 8pm.
The Chamber of Commerce is right behind the marina, so when the Hinman’s arrive tomorrow, we will start there, and determine the Things-to-Do in Georgetown.

May – 15 – Tue
Hurrah, it was the Hinman arrival day, visitors again !
We had not had overnight visitors since our neighbors Al & Roberta, way back in early April.

Dave & Ginger Hinman arrived about noon on Tuesday.
Dave is one of my life-long pals going back to about 1976.
I was best man for Ginger & Dave in 1981.
They will be with us for the next 11 days as we travel from Georgetown – Myrtle Beach – Southport – Wrightsville – Swainsboro – and Beaufort NC.

After arrival, we did the normal mandatory welcome aboard drinks & photos on the aft deck of Gettin’ Looped.

After gettin’ Dave & Ginger settled in, we went exploring.

We started at the local Chamber of Commerce, where we met city hostess “Susan”.
Susan gave us some maps and explained where to find the local museums & restaurants.
She was a darling woman with a great sense of humor, and lovely southern accent.

Our next stop was, guess what – a pub !
I didn’t want to start drinking so early, by now it was about 2pm, but Dave twisted my little arm.
So we started the adventure at The Big Tuna, with waitress Jodi.
We shared sandwiches with our 1st mates and had a beer.

Next stop on the Hinman Welcome Train was The Wharf, with waiter Patrick.
Somehow, the photographer was on vacation, no photos at The Wharf.

Stop #3 – The Castaway Bar, with waitress Della.20180515_15373420180515_153745_001

Stop #4 – Buzz’s Roost

So now after 2 drinks on the boat (3 for Dave), and 1 drink at each of ; Big Tuna, The Wharf, Castaway, and Buzz’s Roost, I was beginning to feel a little buzz’s roost myself.
So we went for some walking and exercise around town. They did not have a workout center at the marina, so we had to improvise.

After all that exercise, we were bushed and had to stop for another round at a place called The Seven Hundred Grill & Bar on Front Street, the main drag in town.

After refreshing ourselves at The Seven Hundred Bar, it was again time for some exploring. We were in search of The Oldest House in Georgetown. Built in 1734, the guide-book says that the Thomas Bolem House  was a pre-revolutionary tavern and place of entertainment. Thomas Bolem was the tavern keeper.
The #40 in the photo below is a reference to the map of historic homes, it helps tourist find the various houses using the map.

Continued exploring found another cool looking house. The Crafton Kerwon House, built in 1737 !

Next on the discovery parade was The Town Clocktower, built in 1842-1945.

After all that history, it was time for dinner.
We went to dinner at a place called The Harborside Seafood & Italian Restaurant. We were entertained by very friendly waitress Jodi & met owner/Chef Chris Mitchel when we were leaving.20180516_12593220180516_130117

Oh, I almost forgot.
Within all the pubs, and site-seeing, we also got some exercise “Rooster Chasing”.
Dave lost, the Rooster won !
He’s not as quick as he used to be.
Rooster Chasing Video =

May 16 – Wed
On Wednesday, we started the day with some breakfast at The Thomas Café. It was a quaint little café which felt like you were back in the 1950’s

After breakfast we went walking to burn off the food. We walked the old neighborhoods, the new neighborhoods, looked at trees, and ended up at a local artisans place checking out knick-knacks made by local artists. We met wood worker and shop operator Tom.20180516_09592220180516_10213620180516_10233220180516_10234620180516_10235420180516_11395820180516_114009

Next stop was an attempted walk in the local waterfront park to burn off some breakfast, but the bugs were so bad , we had to abandon the park. The weather was starting to change a little so we went indoors to the Georgetown Maritime Museum. It was a 2 story building that had a lot of marine artifacts including; models of hand-made old ships, old lightower light lenses powered by whale oil, and poster boards of a lot of history we had seen back in Beaufort like the Hunley Submarine & Robert Smalls. It also had an interesting map showing the location of a whopping 37 shipwrecks on the South Carolina Coast over the years.

South Carolina Coast Shipwrecks



After the Maritime Museum, when we came outside the weather had improved. We watched a long string of bikers in town, who had come down for the day from Myrtle Beach Bike Week. We will see more of these fellows tomorrow when we move to Myrtle Beach. Really cool video attached below.

Biker Video =
After watching the bikers, we walked thru several local shopping market areas.

Dinner on Wednesday was at a relatively fancy place called the River Room Restaurant.20180516_18105920180516_18111320180516_18113920180516_181807

After dinner we went for a little walk back to the boat and noticed that the large prop that Dave had climbed on the night before was now fenced off to the public, thank’s Dave !


The night ended with a lovely socialization event with Captain Rod & wife Fran Singleton. Captain Rod runs the local tour boat, has helped the chamber of commerce make all the tourist maps, and is actively involved with the church. He & his church group, do 1 mission every year to Chernobyl Russia.
Rod was a wealth of history on things that had happened in and near Georgetown over the years. His charming southern drawl was just a delight to listen to all night.
That’s all for Georgetown South Carolina.

Next Stop = Myrtle Beach !

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