Myrtle Beach South Carolina – Barefoot Marina (Port #82) ; May 17 – 20

May 17 – Thu
On Thursday, we headed off from Georgetown to The Barefoot Marina in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.
It was the 1st leg of Looping voyages for Dave & Ginger Hinman, who had joined us in Georgetown.
The ride was about 50 miles, and about 5-1/2 hours.

We left Georgetown at 8:00am and arrived at Myrtle Beach about 1:30pm.
Historically poor weather has arrived on the entire east coast, and the ride to Myrtle Beach included about 1 hour of fairly heavy rain.

We got checked in & strolled the grounds at the marina.
Barefoot Marina is in North Myrtle Beach.
The marina is pretty nice – with cable TV, a very nice large pool & Jacuzzi, and great views across the ICW.

After gettin’ acquainted with the marina we went to lunch at a place called The Flying Fish. In spite of the rainy/dreary weather conditions, the lunch setting on the ICW immediately across from our marina, was very nice. We enjoyed a very nice ” welcome to Myrtle Beach” first meal.

Our Barefoot Marina is in the background, across the ICW

After lunch, we walked around the shopping / entertainment complex.
This is Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, and we spent some time walking around a large parking lot with the many Harley Davidson tents. We saw some pretty cool bikes.

Next stop was The House of Blues, for some country music.
We had a few drinks at the House of Blues outdoor music venue called The Deck, and people-watched the bikers (maybe they were people-watching us too, we looked more out-of-place than they did).

After The House of Blues, we went walking around the outdoor shops at The Barefoot Landing and just horsed around a bit.

As we walked around the Barefoot Landing complex, we saw an advertisement for a new work-out program. With me and Dave being Mr. Muscles, we are always on the lookout for new ways to maintain our health and good looks with an Innovative Fitness Program.
This Fitness Program fit the bill.
Next stop was drinks & lunch at Bully’s Pub & Grub, where we had lunch and also watched the local carp fish & LARGE Gators eating French fires supplied by the restaurant patrons.
After lunch, we had a little more walking around, and ended up at a place called The Wild Wings Café, where we played bag toss well in to the night.



We also had dinner at the Wild Wings Café, the same place as the bag toss game. There was a one-man singer who was pretty good. It was a nice waterfront setting with good music & great company.

It was a long first full day for The Hinman’s !
I told them that this Looping stuff is hard work.

Aren’t they cute !


May 18 – Fri

Friday morning started out with more rain.
The plan for the day was to go to a place called The Broadway Beach.
The Broadway Beach is a very large entertainment complex with restaurants, bars, shopping, boat rides, zip lining, museums, and more.

We arrived about 10:30am, there were not many people, the place looked like a ghost-town. But by about noon the place started to hop.
We walked around the shops & bars, and had a little more horsing-around !

After all the exercise, it was time for lunch at Good Time Charley’s, where Dave had a very Big Burger.
After a full belly at lunch, we did what you always do with a full belly, we went on a helicopter ride.
Jonell & Ginger passed, me & Dave enjoyed a great ride with pilot Dan !
The ride was only about 8 miles down to the beach and back, but it was still really cool.
Captain Dan gave us some good fast turns & dips during the ride.
After the helicopter ride, we headed back to the boat and had, guess what – Some Sunshine !

We took advantage with a rapid change into our swim suits.
We started with the nice warm Jacuzzi, but as the sun came out stronger, we started to have some real fun tossing the football across the very large Barefoot Marina Pool.

pool football

Friday ended with a very nice dinner at the Greg Norman Australian Grille.

While walking home from dinner, we stumbled across an ice cream joint called Sweet Mollie’s Creamery. It was a very unique process. I ordered some kind of caramel ice cream with different kinds of candy chips. The server scooped out what looked like vanilla ice cream, added caramel sauce and the candy chips, then mixed it all together by hand. It was very good.
May 19 – Sat
Well Saturday was, guess what, ANOTHER RAINY DAY !
The weather has been unlike anything I recall from years past.
This has been the 5th day in a row with rain.

So we made the best of it again.
Todays plan was one of Jonell & Gingers favorite things to do – The dreaded Casino.
We departed the ss Gettin’ Looped about 10am, and headed for The Big – “M” Casino Boat (M, for money to be lost).
We arrived at the boat at 10:48am, with the scheduled take-off set for 11am, we just made it !

After departure, the ride out to the ocean was pretty cool, it was like being on a 43 ft Viking going down the ICW.

While traveling from the ICW to the Ocean, the ship had a pretty decent Buffet for $13.
We all took part in the buffet which included ; scrambled eggs, fresh danish,  greasy sausage & bacon, some pretty good fruit salad, potatoes etc.

the dreaded money sucking slots appear in the background


The ride out was pretty uneventful, and took about 45 minutes to an hour.
Once out past the 7 mile limit for gambling, the ocean waters picked up a lot of energy.
The captain had warned the passengers about a “rough ride” when we were boarding the boat. About 2 hours into the ride, the waves picked up to about 6-8 footers.
The boat then became the ss Sea Sickness, with as many as 30 people in my sight sitting at the breakfast room tables & bar seats with their heads on the table. The group of people with their heads on the table included most of our Hinman/Murphree group (we won’t mention names to protect the identities of the ill).
sea sick

To make matters a little worse, guess what – nobody won, we all lost money !
Oh well, it seemed like a good rainy day plan, and was actually an ok thing to do, minus the sea sickness.

After the Casino Boat, it was about 4:30pm.
We took the uber back near the boat to the Barefoot restaurant/bar complex, and had dinner at a BBQ place called – The Stillhouse BBQ.
The food was just OK, and we decided to follow up the sea sickness feeling with some Moonshine. Dave & I shared a flight of 3 different flavors of Moonshine ; Raspberry, Apple, & Caramel.
They were all pretty ghastly !

Along with the moonshine, they also served some moonshine impregnated cherries. Dave had one and told me how good they were, that I really need to try one.
As usual, his advice was a little mis-guided, the cherry was awful – I spit it out !
Dave was quite proud of himself !

After the BBQ/Moonshine dinner, we went to The Alabama Theatre, where we enjoyed a Variety show called The One Show. The show was pretty good with great music, dancing, and acrobatics.

The best part of the show was a comedian named – Grant Turner, he was the funniest comedian we had all seen in a long time, and guess what – he did the entire act without one swear word !

If you ever have the opportunity, go see Grant Turner doing his Ricky Mokel Comedy Show.
The Theater did not allow photos, the photos below are Google Photos
alabama1alabama 2

It was a fun day, in spite of the rain !

May 20 – Sun
Ok, Sunday was finally a day with sun, or at least a day with NO RAIN !
We took advantage of the mostly overcast but warm day, with a trip about 10 miles south to Myrtle Beach City, where we enjoyed a full day at the beach.

We started “Beach Day” by renting our chairs from lifeguard Dominic.
Dominic is from Poland, and he has only been here in the USA for a few weeks, but his English was pretty good.
It seemed strange that the lifeguards would rent the chairs, but as Walter Cronkite said – “That’s the way it is” here on Myrtle Beach.

Once we had the beach chairs, we settled in and then we went for a long walk from Pier 14 to Pier 2, where we had brunch on the upper deck of The 2nd Avenue Pier Restaurant.
The view of the beach & pier was very nice from the upper deck restaurant.20180520_11173420180520_11342620180520_11561420180520_115619

After brunch Dave & Ginger took the beach path back to the chairs, Nellie & I took the boardwalk path. Jonell was looking for some new beach shoes at the boardwalk shops.

We met the Hinmans back at the beach chairs about 2pm.
The sun was now out and it was time for some sports.
The 2 athletes spent most of the next 2 hours tossing the Nerf football.
Dave also made some new friends, playing catch with some young football fans.


After the football toss, it was time to get the girls involved.
About 6pm, we had a very competitive bag toss game.
Team Murphree won round-1 a few days ago, at the Wild Wings Cafe.
Team Hinman bounced back with a 2-1 victory today.
After the highly competitive bag toss game, we had dinner at the same restaurant/bar that we had played the game, a place called Rip Tydz. It was a 3 story place, with the restaurant on the 2nd floor. The views of the ocean were very nice.
While we waited for dinner, I commented on how darkly tanned Ginger was after all the rain, and only 1-2 days in partial sun.

I also complimented Mrs Murphree’s tan, and thanked her for a valiant attempt during the bag toss game.


So after 4 rainy days, the Myrtle Beach visit was over.
A nice stop, but it could have been so much more fun with some dry weather & sunshine.
Oh well, maybe the next stop.

Next Stop = 1 night in Southport North Carolina
Yes North Carolina !
We are gettin’ northbound quicker than Mrs Murph is liking, but required to make a certain wedding in September (our son Dan & fiancée Megan).

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