Albany New York – The Albany Yacht Club (Port #105) ; Jul 12

Jul 12 – Thu
After what seemed like a very short 2 days in Kingston, we headed another 54 miles north to Albany New York. Albany is the capital of the State of New York, but more importantly to us, is our next to last trip on The Hudson River.

We will stay only 1 night and head out tomorrow to Waterford New York and the beginning of about 25 locks between The Hudson River & Lake Ontario. There are about 35 locks between The Hudson River & Lake Erie, but we will only go thru about 25 of them, choosing to go north to Lake Ontario, the Trent Severn Waterway, and Georgian Bay.

During the ride up to Albany we saw more beautiful waterway, more little light houses, and landed at The Albany Yacht Club about 1:30pm.
20180712_084808 (1)20180712_085037 (1)

20180712_135826 (1)
Albany New York, across from our dockage on the Hudson River.

With only a short 1 day scheduled for Albany, the initial plan was to chill and just hang out on the boat. We played a game Ashley & Dave brought called Tangoes.
It was a very fun game of using little puzzle pieces to recreate a shape defined by a drawn card.
The game was very difficult, Ashley & Dave kicked butt over Mike & Nellie.20180712_21494220180712_14341220180712_143346 (1)

After the Tangoes game, Mikie took a short nappie, Ashley & Dave went on a bike ride, and Nellie read her book.

We went to dinner about 6:30pm at a place called The Illusive Restaurant & Bar.
Nice ambiance, pretty good food, and Dave paid the tab.
And, it was not hard to find, we found it right away.

On the walk back from dinner, we noticed that the city of Albany & county of Rensselaer, honors many of their vets with a banner hanging on all of the street light posts, it was really nice.

After dinner & the walk home, Mike & Nellie did blogging to cover the last 2 days in Kingston and Albany (ports #104 & 105).
Dave and Ash read books, emails, and iPhone stuff.

Dave and Ashley retired about 10am, Mike was the durability champ staying up until 10:45pm !!

Ok, so I took a short power nap in the afternoon, so what, I’m retired.

Next Stop = Waterford New York & the start of The Erie Canal.


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