Amsterdam New York – Riverlink Park Marina (Port #107) ; Jul 15th

Well guess what ?
It has been exactly 1 year since Nellie & I left on this great adventure.
It seems like yesterday that we had the great farewell party at Miller Marina.20170715_111656

As we said in the last post, today was going to be a long day – 37 miles, 9 Locks, 17 Bridges, and 2 Guard Gates !

We got off to an early start, and were at Lock #2, the entrance to the Erie Canal, at 7am.
Our travel day was awesome, our early start resulted in only 2 boats at the 7am lock opening. We traveled thru the first 5 locks with a guy named Dave in a sport boat with triple 250 outboards.

It was a long boring day, but also an exciting day filled with a lot of happenings –
Like I said, we went thru a total of 9 locks, under 17 bridges, and thru 2 Guard Gates

                                                           Do you see the Lock Entrance ?                                                            It is on the LHS of the screen, to the left of the big green bushes !
There it is !



We had some low bridges
We had some rain
More low bridges
We had locks with cables, posts, and drop lines like this one
This is 1 of 2 Guard Gates, used to control water flow to prevent downstream flooding during times of high water.

We passed a Casino – The River Casino & Resort in Schenectady New York

Nellie pitched in with some driving while Mike planned for the next marina !

We had some technical issues, with an impending failure of the rear bumper strap. Captain Mike caught it just before failure. Luckily, we had spares on board. Dave changed the part while underway and we were back in business.20180715_07374220180715_074227

We had some Dam Waterfalls !20180715_101704

We saw ski jump ramps in the Erie Canal.
After what seemed like a very long day, we actually arrived sooner than expected at The Riverlink Park Marina in Amsterdam NY, featuring Dan’s BBQ – aka The River’s Edge Restaurant.

9/11 Memorial Flag


After gettin’ the electrical & water hooked up, it was time for play.
It was a very hot day in upstate NY, and we started our Amsterdam visit with the Safe-Arrival Toast, and then a nice refreshing swim in The Fresh Water !
It was delightful.

Upon return to the aft deck, we were refreshed but it was still hot on the deck with the sun bearing down on us from the forward port side of the boat.
Dave & I used some Beverly Hillbillies ingenuity to create some shade on the aft deck, and all was good in the world.
Later in the evening, Ashley’s friend Jeff from Vermont was in the New York area, and stopped by for the night.  Jeff has had an assortment of trades, but is mainly a  sustainable home builder from the northeast. Ashley met Jeff nearly 10 years ago when she found his ecologically driven construction business online and spent a summer in Pennsylvania working for him as a young builder-in-training. He is currently taking 2 years off of “work life” to rework his own 1800’s vintage stone house in Vermont.20180715_191724

Team Gettin’ Looped had Dinner at Dan’s BBQ – aka The River’s Edge Restaurant. Right on the Erie Canal, the setting was beautiful and the food was delicious.

BTW – after dinner we saw the “No Swimming” sign right next to the boat. Good thing that we were just floating in the water !20180715_203917

Tomorrow will be another early morning, with our plan to go from Amsterdam, to Little Falls New York – 42 miles, 7 Locks, and 12 bridges.


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