Bolsover Ontario – Sunset Cove Marina (Port #119) ; Aug 3

We are a little behind, this update is from 2 days ago.
This is a pretty good blog update.
I think you all will like it.
Lots of action, drama, suspense.
You’re excited already , aren’t you !

Aug 3 – Fri
On Friday August 3rd, we traveled from Bobcaygeon to the Sunset Cove Marina in Bolsover Ontario.

We had a late departure because I had spoken to the Lock operator the night before during our walk over to Bobcaygeon. They advised that the Lock opens at 9am, but the 1st lock is southbound. The first northbound lock would not be until 9:30am.
We also could not totally see the blue line of the lock wall from our boat.
It looked like a shit-load of boats were on the wall , but they were all just using the Free City Wall & Power , not locking thru.
I called the lock operator to ask if the blue line was open, she said yes, come on down.
The Blue Line is where you wait for lockage.
So we did come on down, and were thru the 1st lock #36-Bobcaygeon by 10am.

This is what we call “a Shit-load of boats on the Wall leading to the Lock”

After completing the Bobcaygeon Lock, the rest of the day became The White Knuckle Travel Day –
> A tight squeeze & tight Swing Bridge coming out of Bobcaygeon Lock
> The Narrows of The Trent Canal (only 2 boats wide & rocky edges)
> The Kirkfield Lift Lock (Lock #36, little brother to the Peterborough Lift Lock)
> The Shallows (marshy, weedy area of only 4-5 feet water depths).

It was a short 36 mile ride , but a long day !

A tight squeeze & tight Swing Bridge coming out of Bobcaygeon Lock
After exiting the Bobcaygeon Lock, there were MANY smaller boats in a tight area along the Bobcaygeon canal. Before hitting the lake there was also a swing bridge with a narrow passage lined with big bolders, followed by some jagged cliffs on a blind corner. It was a little bit of tight quarters with other boats coming & going around us, but it was also very pretty. We also saw a pretty little island house at the end of the Bobcaygeon Canal, and then we were free in the open water of Kawartha Lake. 20180803_12032520180803_11400720180803_095658

The Narrows of The Trent Canal (only 2 boats wide & rocky edges)
After making our way thru Bobcaygeon & into Kawartha Lake it was pretty easy sailing in open water with good depth thru locks #33,34,35. We passed thru the very pretty city of Fenlon Falls but somebody was asleep at the wheel and we did not get any photos.

Between Locks #35 & 36, we went thru an area known as The Narrows.
It is really called The Trent Canal.
It is basically a 7 mile long passage that is only 2 boat widths wide (about 40-50 feet wide), and has jagged rocky edges.
The canal is separated into 2 stages with Mitchell Lake separating the 2 sections of the canal.
It is a white knuckle ride because you are always on nerve about another big boat coming from the opposite direction.
If you don’t move over, you might bump the other boat.
If you do move over, you might get into the jagged rock.
Prior to entering the canal, boats over 40 feet are supposed to call a “Securitee” call, to let other large boats known that you are entering the canal.
We had a total of 7 boats pass by us during our canal ride, but they were mostly smaller boats under 35 feet with only 10 foot beams.
The ride went without issue.

The white arrow shows the entrance to The Trent Canal, the long strait blue lines. The 2 Narrows sections are separated by Lake Mitchell and end just after Lock-36
Entrance to The Narrows !
Securitee Warning Sign !


Six  little guys who had just passed us, not a big deal with their 10 foot beams


Here is some Video of The Narrows, come aboard for a ride

After The Narrows, it was on to The Kirkfield Lift Lock.
The Kirkfield Lift Lock (#36) is the 2nd of 2 Lift Locks on the Trent, and only 2 of 8 in the world.
The Kirkfield Lift Lock is smaller than the Peterborough Lift Lock, and is made of Steel not Concrete.
It is also at the highest elevation of the Trent Severn Waterway.
The ride down The Kirkfield Lock was very easy (I love the Lift Locks), and the view at the top of the Lock was wonderful.  With the boat sitting in the big tray of water at the top, it almost looks like the boat is going to fall off a cliff into the water below.20180803_14441120180803_144359

The Shallows (marshy, weedy area of only 4-5 feet water depths).
After exiting the Kirkfield Lift Lock we went thru a large open lake called Canal Lake. It looks like it is a nice open body of water, but it also is very narrow by the markers, and is also a very nerve wracking 4-5 feet depth. At times the depth gauge would get tricked by the seaweed and freak out the captain, since he already has experience being grounded in 2-3 feet of water.

See the little markers defining the route thru the lake, it is shallow within the markers, but if you go outside of the markers you are grounded for sure. It looks so wide & open.
Almost at the end of Canal Lake, the entrance to the Canal Lake Concrete Arch Bridge
The last time I saw this, I was calling Tow Boat US. Luckily todays reading was just weeds.

Finally we reached the Canal Lake Bridge and deep open water.20180803_151854

The Canal Lake Concrete Arch Bridge is a bridge spanning a portion of Canal Lake on the Trent–Severn Waterway between Balsam Lake and Lake Simcoe.  
The closed spandrel bridge is the earliest-known bridge in Canada to be constructed using reinforced concrete. In 1988, it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada for representing a transitional period in bridge construction and a milestone in civil engineering.

After the Canal Lake Bridge and entrance into Balsam Lake, it was finally stress free sailing (or power boating in our case). A short while later, we passed thru our last swing bridge of the day, and arrived to the safety & security of The Sunset Cove Marina.
We met two of the nicest people, Owner/operators Joe & Marilyn Tropea.20180803_15385520180803_165557

The Sunset Cove Marina is on another nice secluded bay/cove. There is not a lot happening around here, no restaurants or pubs. The only option was delivery pizza, which we did do. It was a nice calm night after a long stressful day !20180803_17005020180803_17002120180803_17002620180803_170117

So, the summary for the day !
> A tight squeeze & tight Swing Bridge coming out of Bobcaygeon Lock
> The Narrows of The Trent Canal (only 2 boats wide & rocky edges)
> The Kirkfield Lift Lock (Lock #36, little brother to the Peterborough Lift Lock)
> The Shallows (marshy, weedy area of only 4-5 feet water depths).

Only 36 miles & 5 locks, but a white knuckle nerve wracking ride.
It may have been the longest 36 miles we have done on The Loop (Dismal Swamp also in the running for most nerve wracking).
That’s all from Looper Land today !

Next Stop  = Saturday Aug 4th & Sunday August 5th
2 Nights in Orilla Ontario !
Rest up for The Big Chute on Monday
The End of the Trent Severn & The start of Georgian Bay.

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