Bimini Bahamas – We made it !

It was an early morning start for the 85 mile ride from Key Largo to Bimini, Captain Luck said “Departure at 07:00, be ready to go” !

We were under way right at sunrise, and it was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise 🙂

Our delayed departure from Key Largo (2 days) was very worth while. The ride today from Key Largo to Bimini was SPECTACULAR, WONDERFUL, INCREADIBLE.

About 20-30 miles out, the water changed to the beautiful dark blue water. I have some really good video of the wake behind the boat. But downloading of simple photos is taking a while, so no probably videos on this trip.

As we approached the entrance to Bimini and Alice Town from a distance you could see vivid Light Blue water, which got even more vivid & lighter Blue the closer we got to Bimini.

Finally, after a long 8-1/2 hour day (85 miles), we made it to Big Game Marina & Resort.
It is kind of a small place but one of the nicer places on Bimini Island.
It has an on-site restaurant, 3 Bars, and a pretty nice Pool.
The beach is supposedly a short 5 min walk across the 2 lane road on the Atlantic side of the island.
It was time for the Looper Ritual – The Safe Voyage Toast.

We decided to stay at the Big Game Marina & Resort because their website said “Customs On-Site“.
That sounded Easy !
I had even spent 2 hours on the computer during early March to get our advance “Cruising Permit”.
The computer based Cruising Permit Application required me to enter –
All the Mahi Mahi Boat Info – Vessel Federal Documentation Number, Engine Brand, Engine HP
All 4 of our 4 Passports Info – Passport Numbers, Date of Birth, Addresses, etc.
The Dinghy Info + Dinghy Motor Info
The Ship Stores Info (Alcohol) !!!
And then pay on line – $320 (but that included the Fishing License – Humm, No Fishing Poles ?)

Based on the advanced Crusing Permit Pre-Approval, I thought that our welcome to the Bahamas would be easy – show the permit, show the passports, and start drinking !

Until just after we docked the boat.
The dockmaster Robbie told us that we need to –
1. Fill out 4 Immigration Forms
2. Walk a quarter-mile to the Immigration Office.
3. After Immigration, come back to the “on-site” Customs to get your Cruising Permit approved ??
4. Then come and pay your marina bill ($$$ 4.25/ft)

The Immigration Office was supposedly, just down the road, on the left hand side, in the pink building.
Captain Luck and I set off on the hunt for Immigration.
We traveled down the narrow road.

We finally came to “the Pink Building on the left hand side”

We went to the door that said “Immigration”
The girl in the office said – Not Here, it’s in the office down the hall on the left.
Oops, it was the Police Station (yes alcohol was consumed before we went to Immigration).

Ok, then we went to the office down the hall on the left hand side.
Captain Luck was very nervous about our documentation.
They wouldn’t let the vessel secretary in (me), only the Captain was allowed.

Jerry entered the office with high trepadation.

But due to the enthusiastic personality of the Captain on the Mahi Mahi, all ended well and we were approved to enter the country.

The rest of the afternoon & evening was spent sitting on the Adirondack Chairs looking out at the beautiful Marina, Swimming in the Big Game Pool, doing some marina fish/shark watching, eating an incredible on-board dinner prepared by Deena, and walking the grounds at the Big Game.

As a final note on our 1st day, let’s see if the video works for the first of what I think will be many marina Shark sightings., Click Link = Shark Video

8 thoughts on “Bimini Bahamas – We made it !

  1. Murph – 


    div>Looks awesome.  The waters there are beautiful.  Enjoy!



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    1. Hey Joe,
      Catching up on comments.
      Yes, the beautiful water is the best part of the trip for me. Everyday I feel like I’m in Paradise. Not looking forward to the return to Merky/Cloudy Florida waters.
      Happy Easter.
      Thx for the comments



  2. Mike, Great photos as always, I am so jealous of all you, I feel think dropping the Fender Mender in to meet you all there, ! I wonder how much ( Crown Royal ) it would take to get there? Keep sending the Blogs, I look forward to every day, Your good friend, Captain Al


  3. What a crazy fun day! Love hearing the details of the action packed day. So jealous of all the fun yet to come but look forward to hearing and seeing the incredible pics! Safe travels forward.


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