Cheboygan (Port#7) July 31- Aug2

After all the fun & action with my family on Sunday in Presque Isle / Alpena area, we departed for Cheboygan on Monday.

It was a nice easy 55 miles.
Cheboygan is a nice little town with it’s history in the 1800’s being a lumbering town.
The downtown area has many restaurants, pubs, small shops, parks along the river, and intermittent art in the park areas.
The shopping/eating area covers anywhere between a 5 to 30 min bike ride, we have taken the bikes out twice for dinner (Mulligans is recommended by most in the area).
The beach is right next to the county marina where we are staying.


Overall another nice small northern Michigan town.
Looking forward to the west side of the state

Next stops = Mackinaw City, Beaver Isle, Harbor Springs

6 thoughts on “Cheboygan (Port#7) July 31- Aug2

    1. Tommye,
      It took about 5-1/2 hrs
      We are going slow (9 knots/10.5mph) – get to see more & get 1mpg at that speed
      Boat is capable of 24mph (0.4mpg) if required to avoid bad weather, or if we get board going slow.
      Our typical travel day is about 50 miles / 5 hours, depart at 8am & arrive about 1pm
      We always have a 25 mile bail out planned if weather comes up.
      And we can hit the throttle if weather comes up.
      We will use some of our speed capability when we cross the gulf (170 miles in late Nov)


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