Cheboygan to Mackinac City-(Port#8)

Wind, Wind, Wind & Rain !
Based on our warnings from wind APPS “Windy & Sailflow”, we left Cheboygan early in the morning yesterday. The short ride (15 miles) was not fun. 25mph winds, kicking up 4-5ft waves hitting us in the starboard/rear.
Arrival at Mackinaw City was fairly un-eventful thanks to 4 dockhands ready to receive us. The staff at the Mackinaw City Marina is awesome.

We left early because the Wind APPs said the high winds in Thursday morning would only get worse as the day went on, and over the weekend, not calming until late Sunday night.
The APPs were again correct, by 2pm the wind had picked up to about 35-40mph, and from about 4pm to 8pm it rained very hard with high winds. I believe downstate had similar weather.

Before the rains kicked in at 4pm, we did get to see a little of the city. Same ole Mac City – Gift shops & Fudge.

Weather forecast for today is also crappy, but a nice start to today with a beautiful rainbow.

3 thoughts on “Cheboygan to Mackinac City-(Port#8)

  1. following beam winds are the worst! Glad you had a short ride ahead of you. Reading the post every day.


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