Michigan City (Port #18) ; Sept 1-4

Michigan City is for sure our favorite port in Indiana !
Actually, it’s our only port in Indiana.
We came to Michigan City for two reasons ;
1. Stepping stone to the next stop of Chicago
2. Meet my cousin Tony, who lives in Fort Wayne Indiana.

I was somewhat surprised by Michigan City.
I expected a very industrialized/commercial city without a lot of waterfront activity.
But Michigan City / Washington Park was very much another nice waterfront city. They have lots of restaurants, a very nice beach, beautiful river front, and a nice park with several benches all many of different shaped large rock.

We stayed at Washington Park Marina, a very large marina of 600 slips, seems larger than Jefferson Beach in Lake St Clair. Looks like a lot of sailboats, but was about a 50/50 mix of power & sail.

Thursday – Aug 31
We arrived at Michigan City from St Joe about 1pm.
We had an awesome Italian sub from the nearby Dockside/Tin City Grill.
We met Gold Loopers Jim & Moe (Malinda) Jablonski, who live in Michigan City.
Jim & Moe invited us to a Pizza party for all the Loopers staying at Michigan City this weekend.
There were about 20 Loopers/10 couples at the party. Many of the people we had seen at previous stops, but the party allowed us to get to know many of them better.

Friday – Sept 1
During the day Nellie went to a local landmark “Barker Mansion” with a few other Looper girls. Mike did some boat maintenance (check fluids) & cleaning.
At night, we went to the highly recommended Fish House restaurant with fellow Loopers Dennis & Dana from Pharm Team who we had met in Mackinaw City. Jonell had Walleye & Mike had a Double Stuffed Pork Chop. Jonell’s walleye was the best I have ever tasted. The fillets seemed different; they were much thicker/rounder than typical walleye fillets, had seasonings/breading that I have never tasted, and they melted in your mouth.

Saturday – Sept 2
During the day, we received my cousin Tony Chesney (son of the famous aunt Angie), his bride Julie, and grandkids Keegan & Kolton. We spent a few hours on the boat. Since they arrived by car, Tony & I went shopping to restock the boat with water, beer, and snacks.
We all then went to the beach restaurant Fire & Ice, and had burgers, nachos, etc. Then did a little sand castle making with the boys on the beach.

During the late afternoon we invited the Gold Loopers (Jim & Moe), who threw the Pizza Party, over to our boat for drinks and appetizers. Their “57ft Carver” was in the slip next to ours, that is their home slip. We also invited Loopers Tony & Kathy Zarcone from New York.

It rained all night, so Jonell & I went to the local Blue Chip Casino. The casino offers a free valet service from the marina & back. We had a nice dinner at a restaurant called “The Game” set up to look like a sports book, but not an active sports book. Jonell gambled and recovering gambling addict Mike watched sports and the local casino bands. To my shock & surprise, Nellie did not win again (2nd time this trip – $$).
Sunday – Sept 3
On Sunday we installed some new Fuel Vent Whistlers.
Since we purchased the boat, every time we fill the tanks, if we choose to “Top Off” the tanks, we get some fuel spit out of the vent lines before the pump shuts off. I want to “Top Off” to keep a more accurate history of fuel usage. The whistlers provide an audible warning when the tank is about to fill, changing in pitch as you approach full and stopping the whistle just before full. We will see how they work during our fuel fill tomorrow before we leave for Chicago.

At night we went to dinner at a river front restaurant called “100 Washington” which also functions as an Amtrak Railroad Station. The location had it all ; river front & Lake Michigan scenery, boats, draw bridge, and trains !

Next stop = Chicago !
I am so pumped, I can’t wait to go thru those sky scrapers.

3 thoughts on “Michigan City (Port #18) ; Sept 1-4

  1. I am in awe. Great job of reporting and sounds like you are minding your Ps and Qs in the boating end of things. Keep it up.


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