Algonac to Lexington

The first 50 mile voyage was great. The weather was perfect – low boat traffic, low wind, and sunny. In spite of boating on Lake St Clair for 35 years, I had never taken a ride up the somewhat scenic St Clair River.
Passing thru Port Huron under the Blue Water Bridge was interesting. The current and wind increased dramatically as approaching the mouth of Lake Huron. Once on Lake Huron the pace slowed down to a nice 5-10 kts and 1/2 ft waves (yea, first day on Huron).
We spent the afternoon of arrival with retired FCA friends Ken & Kathy Luchkovitz.


Approaching Blue Water Bridge & entering Lake Huron

Lake Huron – Lots of water to the East !
That is a strange cloud line in the distance, not Land.

Kenny & Kathy visiting Getting Looped at Lexington State Harbor

My pal Eric Deloney & bride Nancy


Check out the GPS Tracker Link (it’s always on the welcome page) – making progress now


9 thoughts on “Algonac to Lexington

  1. Hey Mike & Jonell! It’s so awesome following your blog and looking at your GPS progress! Ron and I wish you all the best on your FANTASTIC journey. Safe travels🤗


  2. I love the St. Clair River! Caseville is a gorgeous place, too! I’m glad you’re having a good time!


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