Sylvan Beach New York – Mariner’s Landing (Port #109) ; July 18,19

Jul 18 – Wed
For those of you who enjoyed the last post and sang along to “15 Miles on the Erie Canal”, we continued our journey east on the Erie Canal, another “48 miles” & 5 Locks.

We now started to see some of the older Erie Canal Locks, and how some are in high need of maintenance. Lock #22 fit that description.20180718_142212

It was another long ride, and Ashley & Dave’s last day with us after a nice 10 day visit.
So we wanted to hit the ground running when we got to Sylvan Beach.

After some delays at Locks #19,21, and 22 – We arrived at Mariner’s Landing in Sylvan Beach New York about 3pm.
I’m not sure why they call it Mariner’s Landing, it kind of looked like a combo ;  Trailer Park , RV Park, and Marina. 20180718_16261420180718_16073620180719_20235520180719_20165420180719_20173620180718_16070920180719_202618

But after a few walks around the place and into town, we warmed up to the place.
The setting for our boat slip is pretty nice.
We are docked on the Pool’s Brook River (part of the Erie Canal), just east of Lake Oneida, a beautiful fresh water lake.
The views down the river & over to the Lake are nice.

Attempting to take advantage of Dave & Ashley’s last day, we strapped on our beach chairs & went for a 15 minute walk from the boat, thru the trailer park/ RV community, into the city of Sylvan Beach, & to the Lake Oneida Beach.
Along the way we also passed some “Tiny Homes” that Ashley was instantly attracted to.20180718_16234520180718_16300320180718_16295120180718_163038

The town of Sylvan Beach New York appears to be a small resort town with lots of eating/drinking options. Apparently it is also Pirate’s Weekend here this weekend. Not sure what that means, it starts tomorrow and goes thru the weekend, but we will depart on Friday morning.20180718_16310420180718_163309

After what seemed like kind of a long walk, we arrived at the beach, and staked out our claim.
Ashley & Dave enjoyed their last day with some swimming in Lake Oneida.
The water was nice & clean, but it was a very windy day.
We watched a wind surfer for a while, as he came up on a hydrofoil lift foot.
Windsurf Video =

After a few hours on the beach, we went back to the boat, took some showers, and headed back out into town for some Live Music in the Park & dinner on Lake Oneida.
We listened to a music band called 1/2 Fast Eddie & the Rusty Nuts”.
The band was pretty good, and also had a female singer who did a very good reproduction of Tina Turner & Pat Benatar  songs.

After some music from The Rusty Nuts, we went to dinner at Harpoon Eddies, I’m not sure if this Eddie guy has a monopoly on the town.

As you can see, the restaurant was right on the beach, and when sunset came it provided for some more great photo ops.
20180718_203252_001 (2)20180718_203328 (2)20180718_203417 (2)20180718_203434

After dinner, we came back to the boat.
Not so surprisingly, the internet is poor here, so we had no TV (OMG) !
So we had to resort to one of Ronzello & Gibbon’s favorites – TOMMY BOY !

Jul 19 – Thu
After a late night ending with Tommy Boy, we all got up at 2:40am to say farewell to Ashley & Dave, who had a 5:45am flight out of Syracuse New York !

20180719_025425 (2)
Ashley showing her requested “Sad Face”, for the farewell photo. Dave refusing to comply with the sad face request !             It was a wonderful 10 days with the kids.

After sleeping in until about 10am, we woke up, got our bearings, and prepped for another travel day tomorrow by refueling & pumping out the holding tanks.

In the afternoon, Nellie cleaned the boat & I worked on the upcoming route & marinas, as we will soon be heading into Canada & The Trent Severn Waterway.

We also received a batch of mail from our mail processing service; St Brendans Island.
We received some more Gettin’ Looped drink koozies from my great pal Dave Noffert.
This is the 3rd set of 100 Koozies that Dave has sent us.
We use them in the locks as gifts to the lock masters, for helping us with pass thru.
It is a practice among some loopers to give the lock masters inexpensive thank-you gifts (they are not allowed tips or any gift of value), esp on The Trent Severn Waterway in Canada. The couple that we spent a week with on their 43′ Hatteras in 2015, gave ink pens with their boat name on them (Katt in the Hat).
Thanks again Dave !
20180719_152654 (2)

In the late afternoon, we went into town and had dinner at The Sunset Grill. It was pretty much a dive bar, but the food was pretty good.

After dinner, as we were heading to the convenience store for some milk, we started to see many of the weekend partygoers dressed up for Pirates Weekend. Captain Jack Sparrow was attempting to sign Nellie up for his gang of wenches. She resisted and decided to stay with Cap’n Mike.20180719_195923

Tomorrow is another moving day.
Next Stop = Oswego New York , Alex’s of the Water Restaurant (& marina we hope) !
54 miles, 9 Locks, & crossing Lake Oneida

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