South Haven (Port #16) ; Aug 25-28

Well, we are really starting to like these “Havens”.
Grand Haven was wonderful, and now South Haven is maybe even nicer.
Grand Haven is listed at a population of 11,000 and South Haven about 4,400.
Both have wonderful riverfronts & downtowns.

Upon arrival into South Haven on Friday afternoon, the ole AGLCA burgee brought in more new friends. Ken & Chris Smyth from Schwartz Creek Michigan noticed the flag. They are in the dreaming/planning phase for potential Looping. They had a lot of questions for us & we picked their brains about western Michigan coastal cities. We had dinner with them at Idler Riverboat Bar & Grill, an old moored boat being used as a waterfront restaurant. The area around the Idler Riverboat is called Old Harbor Village, loaded up with the usual restaurants, bars & gift shops. This was right on the waterfront, there is also a separate large downtown area.

We finished Friday night with a waterfront stroll past the many marinas, the South Haven Yacht Club was very finely manicured with lots of grass and paved patios at each set of slips.

On Saturday we began the day with a 3 mile bike trip to the grocery store to re-provision on supplies. We spent the afternoon at the beach, we ate dinner at the South Haven famous “Captain Lou’s”, and Mike ended the night with a last minute walk-in ticket to the Mayweather/McGregor fight at the Black River Tavern (Nellie did not want to go to the fight, she went clothes shopping and then watched Netflicks reruns of NCIS until Mike returned home at about 1am).


Sunday was a somewhat blasé’ day, with Mike suffering a slight headache, Jonell going shopping, and both of us going to the local movie theater. We saw the action movie Assassin’s Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds & Samuel L. Jackson. Get this – two movie tickets, small popcorn, and medium diet coke = $10 (I love bargains).

Today/Monday was also a rainy/dreary day.
I went to the local marine store to replace the deck brush I dropped into the boat slip while washing the hull ($90 mistake).
We then worked on the boat; Mike buffed & waxed the bow pulpit (not done in Detroit) & Nellie cleaned the interior and washed clothes.

We ended the day at the South Haven famous “Clementines” restaurant. On the weekends, there was a 2 hour wait to get in. We were able to walk-in without wait tonight. Not sure about the fuss, the food was pretty good, not great, ambiance & prices were good.

Time for Gettin’ Loooped to go nite nite

6 thoughts on “South Haven (Port #16) ; Aug 25-28

  1. I was just talking with some looters on my slow roll bike tour and they were saying that there is a lock(?) Closed in Illinois for repair. Is that a delay for you guys?


  2. I was just talking with some loopers on my slow roll bike tour and they were saying that there is a lock(?) Closed in Illinois for repair. Is that a delay for you guys?


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