Hastings Ontario – Village Marina (Port #115) ; July 29

Jul 29 – Sun
On Sunday we traveled from Campbellford to Hastings Ontario.
Only 20 miles & only 6 Locks, so it should have been an easy quick day right ?
6 hours later we arrived at The Village Marina in Hastings.

The main issue was – Sunday boating !
We usually try to avoid it.
But there were so many little boats, fishermen, paddle-boarders, water-skiers, etc.
Because we are the big boat and leave a big wake, we had to slow down to 5mph almost the entire ride.
The little boats & jet-ski’s were like Gnats buzzing around the slow moving Gettin’ Looped.20180729_125348 (1)

We traveled & locked together all day with our new Looper friends Gypsie – Mike & Patsy Kelly.

Along the ride, we saw many nice homes & cottages. It reminded us of boating up on Secord Lake in Michigan with The Spraggs, Schellers, & Klines.20180729_125049 (1)20180729_125937

We saw some remote areas with folks riding horses.20180729_125332 (1)

We arrived at Hastings Village Marina about 2pm.
Some of our blog followers may remember that Hastings was a special place for me & Jonell.
In July of 2015, we came to Hastings, and it was this town where we had met and joined Richard & Katherine Cope on a boat named Kat in the Hat, for a 1 week trial run of Looping to make sure it was really for us.
The return brought back great memories.

Just north of the Hastings Village Marina was the last lock, dam & swing bridge that we had went thru during today’s trip (Lock #18).
When we walked to dinner, we had the opportunity to see the lock, dam, and swing bridge from land.20180729_172556

There is the stern of the Little Getting Looped across the bay
Lock #18
This is the Swing Bridge just after lock #18
Here is the swing bridge roller system

We had planned dinner with several other Loopers or Looper friends, at a place called McGillicafey’s Pub & Eatery (moving up in the world, now we are dining at an “Eatery”).

Left to right = Nellie, Pat, Patsy, Joan, Doris, Neils, Greg, Mike, Tim, Me

On the walk home we went thru Hastings Pisces Park, and saw Pisces Pete & his pal Billy Bass.

Pisces Pete was created by well-known Canadian artist Bill Lishman, it represents the plentiful Walleye within The Trent River


That was it from our 1 night stay in Hastings !

Next Stop
Peterborough Ontario (also a special city for me & Nellie).
40 miles & only 1 Lock.


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